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The Mutant Butterfly

By June Rosemary Birch

© 2014 J.R.Birch

With many thanks for help from

Dr. David Lowry

and contributions from

Dr.Ian Fairlie

and Dr.Gordon Edwards,
President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

A very short stage play

The play is set in a future where the radiation from nuclear accidents and nuclear waste has rendered the earth uninhabitable, except for those people living in pod communities who can only venture outside if they are wearing protective clothing and breathing equipment.

It is about young people living in a society, where people are trying to make the best of what they have… but what if we hadn’t given them this future and they could live on the ground and breathe the air outside and feel the wind on their faces?

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First submitted for the IUGTE international conference in December 2014.

Free Dropbox link to The Mutant Butterfly.

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/ac3eplbiej6l4ek/The%20Mut ant%20Butterfly%202.1.8.pdf?dl=1

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