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Where The Fox Goes.

Everyone Can be a herO

Dr. Helen Caldicott was kind enough to “heartily endorse” the printed version of Everyone Can be a herO after I had sent her a copy.  I appreciate this so much and am deeply grateful for her help.

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Michael Smith, Veshengro, of the Green (Living) Review also wrote a very helpful review and has become a good friend to me.

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Kerry Smith wrote a really thoughtful piece in The Green Left Weekly.

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The book was also included in a Christian Vegetarian Association E Newsletter and mentioned in a Transition Cambridge online newsletter. It was in the book reviews in the Vegan News, but sadly I can’t find a link to this particular vegan online journal any more, although there are some excellent vegan news sites out there..

There aren’t any book reviews of Where The Fox Goes but there are enough pages online for you, hopefully, to decide whether you want to read on.

The historical section does give rather more background to the times than I have shown and the first chapter could be a bit better.  It was reworked after I had sent the idea to the BBC for a television series in around 2003. I’m not too sure about reworking!

Unfortunately it is topical. I set the story in one of the recessions in the 1990’s, but it seems as relevant today as it was then.  

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