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One of the websites I have learned a huge amount from is ccnr.org The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.  There is a mass of detail there and it is explained in understandable language. This website isn’t just about Canada. There is a great deal of history to find facts from, as well as up to date comment.

Incidentally, Do you know what Fukushima Bucky Balls are? https://www.vcreporter.com/2012/06/07/a-radioactive-nightmare/

And here is an excellent document, looking at…

The Health Effects of  Chernobyl   25 years after the reactor catastrophe.


Also, Dr. David Lowry’s blog

And Dr.Ian Fairlie’s website, especially his article on childhood Leukaemias near nuclear power stations. http://www.ianfairlie.org/news/childhood-leukemias-near-nuclear-power-stations-new-article/

These are just a few of the truth seeking documents I have been able to discover on the internet..


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